Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lee County NC Code Red Weather Information

Lee County Government has recently changed our mass notification system (Reverse 911) to CodeRED from the previous system, DeltAlert.  This system allows Emergency Services and the Sheriff’s Office to define areas of the County, and immediately notify residents about an emergency in their area.  The system will also provide weather warning notification from the National Weather Service, if desired (The user must select this option).  By default, the system uses the 911 system database of phone numbers.  The 911 system only uses landline phone numbers.  Many residents now use cellphones as their only phone.  CodeRED allows residents to sign into the system (Opt-In), and enter cellphone, text number, and email contact information.  Most residents who signed up for DeltAlert did not include any address information, so they will need to sign up for CodeRED.  For residents interested in getting emergency and weather information, go to the Lee County Government website ( ), click on the CodeRED icon on the Right side of the home page, and complete the registration information.  There is no charge to sign up with CodeRED.  Be sure to save your user name and password so that updates can be provided when necessary.  If there are questions or problems, contact Lee County Emergency Services at 919 718-4670.

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